Gardening tips

Gardening On A Budget

by Arzeena Hamir

Once the buzz of Christmas has passed, the task of paying off bills can leave many gardeners on a strict budget. Gardeners who need to make frugal decisions at this time of the year can take heart in a number of alternatives that will not only lower the cost of gardening, but will also enhance the pleasure! He

re are five steps every budget gardener should follow:

Plan ahead

Make a list of what you'd really like to see in your garden and stick to it. There's no use growing winter cabbage, regardless of how lovely it looks in the frost, if no one in your family eats cabbage. A list will also keep you under control when you see the end-of-season sales and are tempted to purchase something on a whim. In addition, if you plan exactly where plants are going to go, you won't make last minute mistakes such as placing sun loving plants in the shade.

Start a compost pile

It's surprising to see how many gardeners haven't constructed their own compost pile and still pay to have their grass clippings and leaves hauled away and then, in turn, p

urchase fertilizers every year. Compost is free food for the garden! It helps break up heavy clay soils, absorbs water in sandy soils, and encourages microbial life, thereby decreasing that chances of any one disease becoming rampant in the garden.

Compost piles don't require anything fancy. The walls can be made of recycled 2 x 4s, chicken wire, or even hay bales. All that you need is access to the pile and enough space to turn it every now and again.

What can you put in the pile for free? Grass clippings and leaves are a great choice since you probably have your own source as well as your neighbours'. Check with local tree care companies to see if they have any wood chips to give away. Coffee grinds from the local café make excellent compost, as does shredded newspaper. Don't forget to include your vegetable scraps and egg shells. Once you get hooked on composting, you'll even start going after the local barber for hair, and even saving dryer lint!

If you're an apartment gardener or are cramped for space, a great alternative to a compost pile is a worm bin. The requirements for a successful worm bin include a good size container, usually a Rubbermaid bin, about ½ lb of red wiggler worms, shredded newspaper, and then a steady supply of kitchen scraps. The resulting "worm casts" make excellent fertilizer for garden & potted plants.


Many of the expenditures that gardeners make for containers and equipment can be cut down by re-using items you already have at home. Margarine tubs, yogurt & cottage cheese containers and egg cartons are fantastic for seed starting. Old gardening boots, wheelbarrows, and toolboxes can make whimsical substitutes for expensive outdoor containers. Window frames can be converted into cold frames and plastic milk jugs and pop bottles can be used to make a mini greenhouses or hot caps.

Start from seed when you can

One packet of tomato seed is often equivalent to the price of one tomato start yet you get the potential of at least 30-40 plants in each packet. While it may take longer and require advance planning, starting the majority of your plants from seed can be a big savings, especially if you're using recycled containers. No need for expensive heat mats - the top of the VCR or water heater is ideal. Fluorescent tubes make a suitable substitute for expensive grow lights and can be rigged up under a table or on a shelf in the garage.

Don't forget to try to save your own seed during the season. Not only will you save on the seed purchase the following year, but you'll also be able to select seed from plants that you know did well in your climate. Most communities now arrange for seed swaps in the early spring where you can trade your excess seed for new varieties. Make sure that you save seed from non-hybrid plants.

Choose plants that keep on giving

In the vegetable garden, climbing peas, tomatoes, beans & squash tend to provide more produce than their bush equivalents. If you're limited in space, growing these plants vertically can be very successful. In addition, plants like zucchini are notorious for their yields. Trade with neighbours for food you didn't grow.

Among the flowers, try growing multi-purpose plants to get more bang for your buck. Many flowers like bachelor's buttons, violas, calendula, pansies, & roses are edible as well as beautiful. Yarrow, alyssum, fennel, cumin, & coriander all attract beneficial insects as well.

Find a friend

Not only can you share ideas with a gardening buddy, but you can also share the costs and make it cheaper for both of you. Very few of us require a whole packet of seed for the gardening season; most packets contain 40-100 seeds. Why not split the packet with a friend or else trade seed for a variety you didn't buy? A gardening buddy is also a great person to share tools with. If you've got a fantastic hoe and your friend has an excellent pitchfork, why double up?

Sharing with a gardening partner will also allow you to purchase certain inputs in bulk. If you require potting mix, why not go for the bale size instead of the small packages? Compost, if you can't make your own, is much cheaper if purchased by the yard and shared with a friend or two.

Joining a garden club is a great way to meet gardening enthusiasts if no friends or family are willing to team up with you. Most clubs also hold plant exchanges or sales where you can get plants for a real steal.

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Golf Tips

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  • Get the most out of every club with the Club Tuner, an all-new swing-control feature that allows you to calibrate your clubs to fit your personal tendencies and preferences
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  • Ball trail visuals indicate your competitors' shots, allowing you to swing whenever you're ready

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Key Features

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  • Maximize Your Swing-Get the most out of every club with the Club Tuner, an all-new swing-control feature that allows you to calibrate your clubs to fit your personal tendencies and preferences.
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  • New Courses and Golfers-Test your skills on new courses, including Gary Player Country Club in South Africa, Wentworth Country Club in England, and more, while international stars Se Ri Pak, Darren Clarke, and others join the competition.
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Wii Tips & trics

Want to impress your friends with little nuggets of Wii Knowledge? These tips and tricks can help any user...

Menus & Notifications:
  • The windows on the MAIN MENU can be reordered however you like. Simply PRESS and hold A and B down while selecting a window.
  • Whenever you receive a message there is a BLUE LIGHT on the CONSOLE that lights up. If you'd like to keep the light on all the time you can press the HOME BUTTON, and from the MENU go to your EMAIL. On the next page add your personal computer email address to your ADDRESS BOOK. Within a few hours check your computer's email and there should be a message waiting, when you reply the the email the console's "New Message" light will come on. Don't read the email and the light will stay on.
  • All Wiis have an EMAIL ADDRESS. You can email anyone you have the FRIEND ID for. Their address will be "w(INSERT NUMBER HERE)" as an example:
  • On the CHANNEL SECTION in your MAIN MENU you can choose to save VC games on a SD CARD
  • While in the MENUS you can turn your wrist and the cursor will rotate.
  • When you purchase a virtual console title and Mario runs across the screen, if you press A you can shoot fireballs.
Wii Remote & Nunchuk:
  • From the MAIN MENU press the HOME button, on the next screen click on the CONTROLLER IMAGE. On this screen you can adjust the volume and rumble functions of the remote.
  • There were two extra parts in your box you may have overlooked! There is a CLEAR DISC that is placed under your Wii to stabalize it's balance. The second is a small one inch piece that is a stand for the SENSOR BAR.
  • You can check your Wii Remote's battery life by pressing any button on the controller when the console is powered down. The more lights (4) the more battery life.
  • Set your Mii to MINGLE and have your friends do the same. You'll soon have Miis walking around in your parade. Feel free to grab them and copy them to your Plaza for safe keeping
  • To send messages (and wiis!) you'll require their FRIEND ID -AND- their CONSOLE NICKNAME.
  • As you collect more Miis in your plaza from friends the generic Miis in your games will be replaced by your friends!
Game Specific:
  • Wii Sports Bowling: You can release the ball on the back swing which will throw the ball backwards. It will scare all the miis behind you!
  • Wii Sports Bowling: While on the lane you can press the DIRECTIONAL PAD and zoom in on the lane. You might notice this sound effect is the same sound from Super Mario 64's camera movement sound effect
  • Wii Sports Golf: On hole 3 there is a small section of fairway at about a 45 degree angle to the left of the tee box. The patch is completely surrounded by Out Of Bounds area, if you land your ball here you can easily eagle the course.
  • Zelda: The direction that Link spins when doing a spin attack depends on which direction you moved the nunchuk.
  • Zelda: By leaving the game on the start screen for an extended period of time it plays an extremely extended trailer that was not shown to the general public.
  • Zelda: You can skip cutscenes in the game by pressing the "-" button.
  • By registering your console on you'll automatically extend your warranty by 90 days! For Free!
  • When you register 3 Nintendo products on you can get three months worth of NINTENDO POWER for free.
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Liposuction And Gastric Bypass

Liposuction And Gastric Bypass Explained

There are many people who are not really obese, or even overweight, but have fat in the regions of the buttocks, the knees, and the thighs which they cannot get rid of even with targeted exercises. There are other areas of the body such as the abdomen or the chin or the cheeks from where getting rid of stubborn fatty tissues is difficult. These localized fatty areas give a very ungainly look to the person.

A surgical procedure that was evolved in the 1980’s can solve this problem. It must be realized, however, that these surgical procedures are not alternatives to proper diet and exercises – it is only a solution of the last resort. This is an invasive procedure and like all surgical procedures it also has some risks involved.

In liposuction procedure tubes are inserted into the target skin by making tiny incisions and fat is sucked out through the tubes. This procedure generally does not take a long time and is performed as an outpatient procedure. In case the volume of fat to be removed is large, it may require an overnight stay of the patient in the hospital. Liposuction is generally done under local anesthesia.

People who are suffering from diabetes or have some other surgical issues are not suitable foe liposuction. Those desiring liposuction should not be overweight and they should have firm and elastic skin. Plastic surgeons would generally advise a patient to try weight loss diet and exercises before considering liposuction. Even though Liposuction removes fatty deposits which cannot be removed by exercises, we should bear in mind that it can never be an alternative to healthy eating and exercising.

Liposuction is not a procedure for overweight people, it is meant to remove fatty tissues from localized areas. For highly overweight or obese people there is another surgical alternative. It is called bariatric (weight loss) surgery. Among the different techniques of bariatric surgery, the most popular one is Gastric Bypass. Some people call it Obesity Surgery.

In this procedure anatomy of the digestive system of the patient is altered; stomach and a part of the small intestine are bypassed and the food directly enters the lower part of the small intestine. By this arrangement the amount of food you eat and digest gets reduced. Gastric bypass operation can result in a substantial loss in weight of the patient especially for those patients who are overweight by more than 100 lbs.

Gastric bypass isn\'t for everyone with obesity, however. As with any surgical procedure there are risks involved in this procedure too. Moreover, this procedure alters the gastric anatomy permanently. It requires a permanent lifestyle change to be made by the patient. It is essential, therefore, for the patient that before committing to the gastric bypass operation he/she should fully understand what is involved and what lifestyle changes he/she will have to make. In the final analysis, the success of the surgery is up to the patient.

Hollywood health Secret

What does Hollywood know about health and beauty that the rest of the world doesn’t?

Hollywood truly is an exclusive club, a world unto it’s own. It’s a simple fact that celebrities and most of the people working in the entertainment industry are privy to beauty and health secrets the rest of the world are not. This is because they often travel to exotic places, have carte blanche access to the leaders and innovators in every beauty and health related field, and of course have almost unlimited financial resources to obtain the very best.

The latest and the very best of anything runs like lightening through Hollywood as fast as a cell phone call or a text message can be typed. Publicists, agents, stylists, make-up artists, costumers, nutritionists, acupuncturists, plastic surgeons and even masseuses are all part of an extremely powerful Hollywood network. They are the elite possessors of the ultimate knowledge in every beauty and health product a


And once in awhile there will be a health or beauty item which garners a loud, consistent buzz, quickly peaking the interest of celebrities and all entertainment industry professionals. This usually occurs when a celebrity, or top professional “discovers” a product that really works. When this phenomenon occurs, the excitement becomes almost palatable. And a product or treatment only receives this type of attention when it rises to the top because of quality, effectiveness, sustainability and innovation. Mediocre products or fads simply never hold the interest of a community who are smart and demand the finest. And if you are fortunate enough to be the purveyor of this priceless new information it can mean the key that will usher you or your business into the inner sanctum of the rich and powerful. Being in the vortex of a marvelous new effective health or beauty aid, will at the very least open a multitude of previously locked doors and without question, boost your career several rungs up the golden ladder of success. So the hunt for one of these rare jewels is certainly a quest worthy of effort in Hollywood.

One such remarkable beauty and health product which has recently achieved this coveted status in Hollywood is called Aloeride®. The fundamental ingredient being that ancient beauty and health element, Aloe Vera. What makes this product from England so unique and the very best aloe vera derivative in the world, is the way in which the active ingredients are assimilated into their purest powder form. Many studies have proven that when Aloe Vera gel or liquid comes in contact with the air, it immediately begins a rapid bacterial degradation. This reduces the beauty and nutritional value almost as soon as the top is off the bottle. Not so with Aloeride®. The process by which Aloeride® is created and preserved in a small hypoallergenic capsule then blister foil wrapped, is the secret to it’s preservation and extreme effectiveness. In fact, it has been proven in extensive independent testing that Aloeride® delivers over three-hundred active molecules into your bloodstream, thus directly feeding rich nutrients to each and every cell of your body. It also contains remarkable properties which sooth and heal the intestinal lining, allowing the healthy food you eat to be absorbed and assimilated the way nature intended it. When nutrients are fed more cleanly into the body and individual cells, the body loses its desire to cling to toxins and fats to feed upon. Of course, this is a tremendous side-benefit for those needing to lose weight or keep their weight in check.

And don’t think Hollywood hasn’t discovered the beauty benefits of this amazing little capsule! At Aloeride® they have a skin philosophy: “Your skin is your natural calling card, which shows others how healthy and attractive you are…” And nowhere in the world is this truer than in the Entertainment and Modeling industries. And nowhere in the world is how you look so directly related to your income. And everyone who stands before the intense scrutiny of a camera knows the value of starting with naturally healthy, glowing skin. Bottom line is, Aloeride® is delivering on its promise to provide anti ageing elements, support weight loss and contribute to a very healthy digestive tract, which in turn enhances the healthy natural radiance of the skin. So what does Hollywood know about Health and Beauty that the rest of us don’t? Everything! And what is Hollywood absolutely buzzing about? Aloeride®! This is definitely a secret the rest of the world needs to be in on!

Fighting fat

Fighting fat

Dealing with being overweight or obese and the consequences of these conditions is a daily nightmare for some people. Many people are overweight because of their own lifestyle choices. Others have ended up with a lot of extra weight through no fault of their own. These people have to face everyday the prejudices of others and to live in a world that doesn’t always take kindly to them. An overweight man is funny on a good day. An overweight woman is not even that. This is the sad reality some of us have to face at great personal cost.

Self-image and self-esteem depends largely on how other people see us and it takes a lot of egotism or willpower not to care about the opinions of others. And the bigger you are the harder it gets. People staring wherever you go and having to listen to all sorts of bad jokes and insults is a surefire way of lowering your self-esteem and triggering a self-destructing circle. Obese people prefer to stay in-doors and avoid moving about much, which leads to even more weight gained from lack of exercise, which leads to less exercise and so on. People whose self-esteem is low find it very hard to motivate themselves to improve their lives.

Relationships are hard to handle for overweight people. Sex becomes awkward, especially for a self-conscious person who doesn’t enjoy being naked. The extra weight makes sustained effort quite hard to perform and heavy sweating is not sexy. Unfortunately, the shape of an overweight person is not sexy either and most overweight people are hard pressed to find sex partners who don’t mind their shortcomings. The fact that overweight people don’t go out much makes finding partners even harder, which is why many simply give up and reach out for more sweets to stave off depression.

One of the best ways to deal with obesity is to help motivate yourself. Outside support is crucial because obese people are especially prone to taking the easy way and eating more than they should. A little flexibility also counts. Food addiction is next door to drug addiction and less food means less glucose triggering endorphins in the brain. This, in turn, means that a person who used to feel quite content is suddenly faced not only with depression, but also with the perspective of a lifelong depression. And that is bound to be harsh on anybody.

Getting fat is easy, shedding all that extra weight is not. Fighting fat is a struggle every step of the way and one needs to be strong and also to have the emotional support of a loving circle of relatives and friends. Being able to rely on others to help you through the worst parts of a diet is almost half the battle. Especially since after the diet comes a lifetime of less food and more exercise. This may sound a bit scary to the average overweight person, but you must remember that looking into the mirror or walking down the street won’t be a nightmare anymore.

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Fast Food

Fast Food

Fast food. Wheither it is tacos or burgers, we all love it just the same. Fast food has become a way of life for some people. They eat it three meals a day. There is no difference between a Big Mac and a steak to some people these days. When I was growing up as a kid, I hardly ever ate any fast food. To be honest we were too poor to eat fast food. Sometimes I think that was a blessing. I mean, sure I love a bucket of fried chicken like the rest of you, but there is more to eating than fast food. We have come too dependant on ready serve meals. I don't care if they are fast food or a meal in a frozen box. There should be no need for it, but I can see why it is appealing to many people.

I have to admit, I have ate my fair share of fast food. I used to spend a good amount of time away from the house and it wasn't easy to grab a good meal. Most of us today live a lifestyle like this. For one reason or another, we don't have time to prepare a good meal.

Here we will discuss some things you can get at your local fast food joints that are suprisingly healthy. I'm not going to tell you that they are better for you than a meal that you would cook on your own, but you already know that. If you are ordering a burger, get it without the mayo and the cheese. It might not sound like it, but you will cut a lot of fat out just by doing this. If the sandwich is too dry for you without the mayo, use mustard or ketchup. This will help it slide down easier.

The cheese that is used is the processed garbage loaded with oil and other junk. You think that cheese is made of milk, but not all of it is. Some of it is made from cooking oil. If you love cheese as much as I do, you can tell just by looking at it. Cheese that is made from oil will have a different look. It will look orange and oily. Avoid anything with bacon on it. I find that the bacon in fast food joints is very awful. They really don't cook it, they just put it under lights until it gets hot. Avoid this at all costs. You will save calories and you will be happy you did.

A good rule of thumb is to stay away from sandwiches that are deep fried. You know the ones. The ones that have deep fried fish or chicken in them. The process of frying them in fat like this, makes them worse for your health. I would suggest that you go with chicken any time that you can. Generally chicken items will be lower in fat. Don't get a chicken sandwich loaded with mayo or that has been deep fried. If the only chicken items they have are deep fried, look at the burgers they have you can choose from.

I would also suggest that you substitute french fries for a side salad. I know, what fun is fast food without fries? Well, from time to time they are okay. But, if you make a habit of eating fast food regularly, then you should stay away from them most of the time. Key thing to remember, I said most of the time. If you eat them from time to time, they won't hurt you. But if you are eating so many french fries that you can slick back your hair with the access grease on your hands, you need to cut down a bit on them.

There seems to be a trend of meatless burgers that some fast food joints are carrying. I'm not sure if this is because there is a jump in the percent of people who don't eat meat. That could be, but if you live near a college, that might have something to do with it too. It is a big phase with college kids to be 'animal friendly'. This is of course until they get older and realize how much more tasty meat is compared to tofu.

At any rate, if they have meatless burgers at your local fast food joint, you can try them. Sometimes they will be less in fat than normal burgers. They might take a while to get used to. I can't say that I care much for these. I can't stand how they when you chew them. Just keep in mind just because its meatless, don't mean you can add one the cheese and mayo. Some of these burgers aren't THAT lower in fat. My favorite place to go is Subway. Well, any good sub shop will work just fine. You can load up your sandwich with tasty veggies instead of fatty stuff like mayo. I would still suggest that you go with chicken, though at most of these places you can find turkey as well.

The great thing about Subway is, the fat content and the calories are open for all to see. They advertise it all over their store how much the sandwiches contain. You can load up on all kinds of veggies and not even worry about missing cheese or mayo. One way that you can keep the calories low is by drinking water or diet sodas. Personally I hate diet soda, so I just drink water instead. Ask them if they have any lemon you can squirt into the water. That will give it a crisp taste that you will love and it will keep your mind off of the sodas. Of course you can go with the diet sodas, but to me they are way to sweet.

There you have it. An easy guide to fast food. The next time you go out to the hamburger joint, keep this article in mind.